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Professional Soundproofing Installation


We often visit people who have problems with noise coming through their party walls. It could be that the people living next door aren't particularly loud, the wall could be just single brick in thickness or with new homes you may only have a single layer of plasterboard dividing sections of your home and your neighbours. We often hear "It sounds like our neighbours are living in with us".

The trend for large TVs and surround sound also causes problems with very thin walls, hardly pleasant if you want some peace and quiet in your own home.

The main two systems we install are the AB20 rubber system and the Studio wall. AB20 upgrades the current wall by adding lots of mass and blocking the sound, this is very good for reducing TV noise, speech etc. The Studio wall is for more severe noise problems, it will reduce more noise but will take up more room space.

The diagrams below show the construction of the systems: